STonyngton closeTony Preston, ICST, INMT created The Body Guild so that clients could get more effective body therapies. With more than 20 years of experience in massage and bodywork, he combines craniosacral, neuromuscular, and other forms of bodywork into an integrative approach.

Sessions with Tony Preston are not like your average spa experience. He has a Framework of Therapy that tailors the session toward your goals. This means that if your goal is addressing a long-standing pattern of pain or just looking for a relaxing tune-up, each session is tailored toward you and not a packaged routine that you chose off a menu. Read more about his services here.

He also created The Body Guild to train other therapists in this approach. He has created a Integrative Craniosacral continuing education program in which he takes small groups of therapist through classes and study groups over months of training in this integrative therapy.

TheBodyGuild.org is interwoven to the blog site, IntegrativeWorks.com. The Body Guild is focused on an overview of services and classes where Integrative Works is a expanding library of blog posts about pain patterns, therapy concepts, self-care and other topics related to the integrative bodywork.

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