decompression-of-3rd-cv-jointTony Preston provides Integrative Bodywork at his office in Atlanta, GA.

He uses a Framework of Therapy. It’s not like your average experience. He takes the time to listen to your needs, sequence the treatment for the best results, and help the you understand what to expect after the session. In complex, on-going treatment for chronic pain or a single relaxation massage, this Framework of Therapy offers more satisfying results.

He uses Integrative Therapies. Integrative Therapies not only address the area of complaint but change the body so that it becomes self-correcting. This is important for lasting relief. Students who take his courses find that he has an uncanny ability to target the problem in the body and sequence the treatment to address underlying issues and get longer lasting relief.

Although his therapy centers around Integrative Craniosacral techniques, he has also done extensive research and works with neuromuscular massagesports massage, active isolated stretching and sound therapy. He is particularly good at helping you with effective self-care.

Treat yourself to the hands of experience. Get a session with Tony Preston.