Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork focuses
beyond relieving pain.

Integrative Bodywork focuses
on making the body self-correcting.

This is a Holistic Approach. It recognizes that the body’s structure is interconnected with the other systems of the body. Our posture, pain, and mobility are integrated with our immune system, digestion, the state of mind and more.

Your body creates pain and restriction to protect and balance you. Trigger points in the muscle generate pain. Restrictions in nearby joints activate trigger points when the joint has a problem. Nerves that control the muscle can get entrapped by other muscles or compressed by vertebrae. Pelvic balance changes patterns across the system. The centers for balance and movement are part of the cranial structure. This coordinated effort protects us until we heal or get things put back into the right place.

Integrative Bodywork focuses on fixing the problems that offer lasting relief. We understand structural governors and stay focused on the client’s needs. We balance treatment so that underlying governors are addressed as well as local trigger points and joint problems that are more closely related to the pain. We help you understand how the process works so you can get lasting relief.

Integrative Bodywork is the right path to better massage. It starts with taking the time to understand your goals. It then focuses on releasing the structures that govern muscular restrictions. It usually starts with Integrative Cranial Therapy. From there, the rest of the session is tailored to the client’s needs. Some clients need the intensity of Neuromuscular Massage or to improve performance with Sports Massage. Time is taken at the end to help you understand how your body will integrate after the session. Want to read more about this approach? Here’s a paper out of the therapist’s manual on the Framework of Integrative Therapy.

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