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Your body needs quality care. You need therapy from someone who is an expert with years of experience. You need effective work that calms your nerves and rejuvenates your mind. You need work that eases your pain and makes you stronger. You need something better than you would find in a chain.

Cranial Therapy, soft joint work, trigger point therapy, and stretching combine to make a gentle but effective approach. You get longer-lasting results, and you don’t feel like you’ve been put through the wringer.  It is a treatment approach that is tailored toward your goals and preferences.

Integrative Craniosacral releases the body from its core. Craniostructural work regulates balance and mobility from your pelvis and spine. It creates a calm, clear-headed state that regulates mental acuity and sensitivity. Read more about that here. It changes the central nervous system so that all other bodywork is less intense, quicker, and longer lasting.

Integrative Bodywork extends craniosacral work into the rest of the body. It does more than give you relief for a few days. It focuses on the underlying problems that recreate the pain. As a result, it creates a body that ages more gracefully with less pain and is better at self-correcting. Read about that here.

Integrative Sports Massage focuses on improving athletic performance. It helps athletes improve their cycling, weight training, running, rowing, yoga, and swimming. It balances muscle strength and gets rid of that “fragile” feeling that stops you from getting another rep. This approach tests joints and muscles before and after treatment to ensure they have more power and flexibility. It includes Active Isolated Stretching. Read more about bodywork for sports performance here.

…From the hands of experience

Tony Preston has worked in massage and bodywork for more than 25 years. He takes the time to understand what you want and what works best for you. It is not just about how much pressure you like or what areas you would like to focus the work. This experience is so much more. It is about understanding your goals and then focusing treatment on your long-term and short-term concerns.

Tony enjoys writing, illustrating, and teaching continuing education but his heart has always been in serving the people in his practice: adults in pain, wellness care, sports performance, and sensory processing.

Let’s get started.

We’d really like for you to experience the calm, restorative experience of Integrative Craniosacral. We’re offering a half-price special on your introductory session. Find out how much better your body can be.

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