Prices, Packages and Specials

Introductory Offer!

big-buttons-7A great introductory offer. See how restorative Integrative Craniosacral can be. One client describes it as getting all the relaxation of full body massage without all the fuss. Do you need to have some specific problems addressed or want some work directly on a shoulder or back problem? We can work on that if you like.

The Therapy Card.


The most popular package over the years. It allows the bodywork regular to get in more often with the flexibility they need. Feel like you need a little longer once in a while? Maybe your travel schedule is erratic and you might get in twice this week but not for a month afterward – you can still get a deal.

Membership packages.

A 6-month commitment is required.

big-buttonsA Popular choice for our clients that have bought therapy cards over the years. A great discount for committing to a better quality of life. Additional sessions are available during the month at the same great price.

big-buttons-1For a once a month session to restore and rejuvenate. Stop by again later in the month at the same great price.

Regularly Priced Sessions.

big-buttons-3 big-buttons-2

For the returning client that wants just stop by for great bodywork.

Student Discounts.


Affordable Rates for adult students
who need great care for their body
on a budget.

Get the work that your body needs,
From the hands of experience.

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