CE Seminar Logistics

I offer this course in Integrative Craniosacral as a 7 seminars, once a month, traditionally on the 3rd weekend of the month. There is at least one study group each month, on another weekend, to help students assimilate the information and have table-time with each other.

I teach a two-day class of 6-8 hours a day, depending on the course. The ICS1 and ICS2 have more background information and are longer. The courses start at 9 or 10 on Saturday and Sunday with and hour for lunch and finish at 5. That sometimes varies when the group agrees to do so.

I take 4-6 people in each of my seminars. I teach it in a smaller space with lots audio/visual support, comprehensive manuals and anatomical models. This creates more individual support for each student directly from me.

I’ve been teaching this style of craniosacral since the late 90s and find that students have a higher success rate with integrating it into their practice when they are taught over months with study groups and ample time to discuss the practicalities of integrating this approach into their practice over time.

The course is $250 per seminar unless the student pays for the entire seminar in the first month, which is $1500. This means that the student get 7 seminars for the price of 6. Manuals are included in the cost of the course.

To register, call 404 226-1363.