ICS2 – Cranial Decompression

Students return to this seminar with three main thoughts. First, they are excited about the effectiveness of the new techniques and have questions about specific cases. Secondly, they are a bit overwhelmed and interested doing a better job of creating sessions that introduce these new techniques while keeping their clients in a session that feels familiar and comfortable. Thirdly, they are interested in learning to how to solve problems in the body by working the craniosacral system.

This seminar begins and ends with addressing the student’s need to integrate the new, more effective techniques into their practice. Students learn decompression techniques and how they impact postural patterns and trigger point activity in the body. They leave with a decompression protocol for balancing the craniosomatic system.

frontal liftThis seminar also introduces a great deal of new material from the manual on craniosacral anatomy, craniosacral techniques and assessment of craniosomatic patterns. Here is a video about one of the techniques from this weekend’s section of the manual.

Craniosacral techniques are often more subtle than other forms of bodywork. The first seminar laid the groundwork for the assessment skills that help the student evaluate and refine their techniques. This is key in implementing craniosacral as a more specific problem solving technique.

This seminar helps the students find problems in the craniosacral system that are directly connected to problems in the body. Students learn how to work the craniosacral system to address those problems in the body. Students learn to assess their effectiveness on their craniosacral techniques. They also assess the body to see the effect of the craniosacral technique in solving problems in the body. This is the beginning of learning to map out issues in the body and treat their from their governing component. As an old mentor of mine used to say, “Nobody comes to you and says that their craniosacral system is wonky. They have back pain, leg pain and real body problems that you need to address.”

A lot of information is introduced in this seminar and digested over the rest of the seminars. Students leave with effective and safe techniques as well as detailed support materials to start their work on treating somatic problems from the craniosacral system.

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