ICS3 & ICS4 Sutures of the Vault & Face

Coming into this seminar, students understand the basics of craniosomatic patterns and how to address problems in the body by working the craniosacral the craniosacral system. They are eager refining their assessment skills and address craniosomatic patterns in more detail. These seminars are where students begin to have greater confidence in resolving musculoskeletal problems through craniosacral techniques.

Once again, these seminars begin and end with addressing the student’s need to integrate new, more effective techniques into their practice. Students learn detailed sutural techniques in the vault and face. They leave with a detailed protocol on howzygomatic to restore function to each craniosomatic quadrant.

Using classic osteopathic techniques, students learn how to address sutures of the vault in detail. They also advance their ability to assess craniosacral problems and their somatic counterparts. Through range-of motion, palpation and muscle testing students are able to to see how the muscle was before and after each craniosacral technique. They see a detailed pragmatic implementation of craniosacral techniques to solve musculoskeletal dysfunction.

The new sections of the manual that are introduced in this seminar are mostly about technique. At this point, however, previously distributed sections of the manual on concepts, principles and therapeutic planning take in greater meaning and are explored in more depth.

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