ICS5 – SBS Patterns

At this point in this series of seminars, students have a confident working ability to address musculoskeletal problem from the craniosacral system. They also have the ability to create functional integrity on the craniosacral system. They are interested techniques that address more complex patterns.

fronto occipital inferiorAgain, this seminar starts and ends with helping the practitioner to integrate these techniques into a working practice. Students learn new concepts about craniosomatic patterns. This seminar has extensive table time to work, assess and refine the student’s ability to work with SBS patterns. They leave with a protocol for working SBS patterns that integrates with the protocols of the previous seminars. They also leave the seminar with a greater understanding of the information in the previous seminars.

The SBS is the center of craniosacral motion. The structural system of dural membranes and the cranial bones are centered around the SBS (sphenobasilar synchondrosis). The functional axes of movement rotate around this central structure. Understanding the SBS releases in detail allow the practitioner to address craniosacral restrictions in a way that no other techniques do.

The craniosomatic patterns that are addressed by these SBS techniques allow the practitioner to release proprioceptive governors in central membranes of the craniosacral system. Sections of the manual from previous weekends begin to take on deeper meaning as the practitioner learns to, for instance, correct an anterior rotation of the hip by releasing a torsion pattern in the cranium.

Something significant happens at this point. This integrative method has a set of check and balances so that the student is able to evaluate how well they perform each technique. SBS patterns require a good sense of balance and symmetry and can be difficult to perform well. The information from the previous seminars allow students to assess the cranium to see how effective and well balanced they were in implementing their techniques.

This is new level of techniques is critical for a more complete ability to work the craniosacral system and prepare for more advanced craniostructural work.

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