ICS6 & ICS7 – Sustaining Governors

This class goes beyond the scope of most courses on craniosacral or osteopathic cranial. This class focuses on structural techniques that shift the craniosomatic system to be dramatically more self-correcting over the long term.

cranialHold blurStudents return to class with questions about using SBS patterns. They have come to realize how strongly the SBS techniques impact the craniosomatic patterns and have a new respect for evaluating their work. They have been primed for these seminars on Sustaining Governors, They are looking forward to making longer lasting structural changes to the body by making longer lasting changes to cranial governors.

As this set of seminars progressed, the students learned about how to address restrictions that govern craniosomatic patterns. In other words, they learned how to change patterns in the hips, legs, arms shoulders and torso by changing the craniosacral governors that perpetuate that pattern. In this seminar, they learn to release those cranial governors more thoroughly and with a longer lasting effect. The body becomes better at sustaining balance and regaining balance when the trauma is introduced to the system.

These releases are unparalleled in other forms of bodywork. Chronic problems improve unexpectedly. Athletes see months of increased gains. This is more than fixing current complaints. This is a catalyst for long term self-correction.

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